HTC Training Terrains Mecsek Mountain

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Mecsek is a mountain range in southern Hungary, which is situated in Baranya county at the north side of Pécs city. These mountains cover an area of approximately 500 km2 and most of their terrains are suitable for high-quality orienteering.

More than 50 km2 are mapped for orienteering porpuses, which became worldwide known in 2011 at WMOC.

The speciality of these terrains is that lots of areas are covered by karstic depressions and point-like negative objects, which makes navigation challenging.


The terrain forms of „Fehér-kút” are a combination of karstic depressions and deep, steep valleys. The vegetation is varied, it is covered mostly by clean forests, but dense vegetation could also occur. The runability is very good in the karstic areas and reduced at the steep hill-side.


Sprint terrain around the city center of Komló. The town was famous about coal mining during the XX. century. This industrial activity carries its footprint on the architecture and structure of the town, which offers a good opportunity to create technically demanding courses. The terrain is complex, offers both parks, and residential, urban areas, with lots of man-made, impassable objects and walls. The town is located on a hill-side, so the significant altitude differences could also influence the route choices.


Mountain terrain with steep slopes, with very diverse and detailed contours around the big valleys. Visibility and runability are generally good but reduced on some parts due to dense vegetation.

Pécs center

Sprint terrain in the historical city center of Pécs. The area contains both narrow alleys and spacious parks, with good runability. The surroundings of the cathedral and the castle of Pécs offers very complex orienteering tasks for the runners.


Sprint terrain in a residential area of Pécs, which contains the campus of the University of Pécs – Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.


Mountain terrain right next to „Szuadó” but it is quite different. The terrain is covered by steep slopes, with very diverse and detailed contours. Visibility and runability are generally good but reduced in a lot of areas due to dense valley network, and sometimes due to dense vegetation too.


Szuadó is one of the most famous and unique mountain terrain of Hungary, it became worldwide known at the WMOC 2011 forest races. The full terrain is covered by karstic depressions, which makes an orienteering challenge. The coverage is various, the runability is generally good.


„Vízfő” beside the „Szuadó” is the other famous terrain of the Mecsek mountains, it became also worldwide known at the WMOC 2011 forest races. It is similar to „Szuadó”, but the karstic depressions are smaller, and the forest contains much more point-like negative objects (a hole, pit). The vegetation is more dense, due to regularly forest works, so the orienteering is more difficult, because of the lower visibility.